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Digital static camera

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A patented design

The patented concept implements an algorithm of simulation of a linear scan starting from a radial scan of the image, which has the advantage of being able to be carried out at high speed by one or more linear sensors.

Radial scan is carried out in the image plan of the objective of the camera, either by sensors placed on a rotating support, or by the rotation of the image by means of a prism, the sensors being fixed with respect to the frame.

The scanning movement being a continuous rotational movement and not an alternative linear movement, the speed of digitalization is limited by the performances of the sensors rather than by mechanical constraints.

A new concept to scan books and bound documents.

Slowness of digital static cameras has been until now an obstacle for their use for systematic digitalization of books or other bound documents (Patents, reviews, registers…).

Used with a support for automatic digitalization, and coupled to a laser printer or a digital copier, this new camera makes it possible to implement the ideal station for copying book pages for libraries.


Description: high speed digital static camera with high resolution.

Mechanical design: ABS casing; aluminum frame; high precision electromechanical and optical systems.

Maximum format A3.

Resolution: from 300 dpi to 1200 dpi according to model, monochromatic or gray scale (256 levels).

Scanning speed: 0,15 s for a A3 page from 300 dpi to1200 dpi, according to model.

Operation and system control: PC with a video card and an image processing board.

Interface: video; USB or RS232 port

Size 740x440x1000 mm.

Weight: 15 kg

Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz 150 W


Hot Tip
Projects of vitual libraries, and introduction on the market of automatic book scanners. 
 To follow up
 Development of ICT in teaching. 


To take away

For detailed information about this device, the french patent application FR2819134

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