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Multimice: Multiple IR wireless mouse system

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A patented design

The patented concept implements a set of 32 wireless mice connected to a single computer by means of a reception and interface box.

The mice communicate with the interface box by an infra-red link insensitive to radio-electric interferences.

The range is several tens of meters thanks to a collecting horn detachable from the box.

The interface box makes it possible to select the active mice, controlling each one a cursor of different form and color on a screen.

A new concept for initiation and the collective training to microcomputers.

Contrary to teaching of other disciplines, data processing practices lend themselves currently rather badly to collective courses. Training is rather based on the organization of practical working sessions, during which the pupils, by small groups of two or three, are trained on a complete microcomputer.

To make it possible a great number of pupils to profit from an initiation, one thus needs large hardware means permanently installed in specialized classrooms having many power supply sockets.

With this wireless mouse system, teaching approach would be that of an interactive lecture.


Description: Set of 32 wireless mice, interface box and software for CAT, loader; 5 mice set for trade shows.

Mechanical design: interface box, horn and mice in ABS.

Supported system: PC under WINDOWS« 98 SE, Me, XP, Vista or under LINUX

Interface: USB port or RS232 serial port

Size: 200x150x40 mm interface box; 50X150X40 mm horn; 3 button standard mice.

Weight: interface box: 0,5 kg

Power supply: interface box: 230 V 50 Hz 10W; 32 mice loader: 230V 50Hz 5W

Availability: 9/2009


Hot Tip
Projects of vitual libraries, and introduction on the market of automatic book scanners.


 To follow up
Development of ICT in teaching.


To take away

For detailed information about the system, the PCT international patent application  WO200210897,

or the American patent US7053798.

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