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Patentability search:  

  PATENTABILITY SEARCH                                                                     See Service datasheet
Object - checking of the patentability of a process, a product or use of a product, or a process

- checking of the freedom of exploitation

- preparation of a file of opposition to the grant of a patent

- preparation of a defense in the event of attack in counterfeit. 

Means - patent documentation of the patent offices (in particular EPO, USPTO, JPTO)

- internal documentary databases

- internet resources

- on request, "non-patent" databases specialized in a technical field of the commercial hosts (in particular QUESTEL)

Criteria The criteria of selection of the relevant documents are those of the European Patent Office.
Order The object of search is indicated by mail, fax, email, either verbally by telephone or during a meeting. (This type of search must relate to a "reasonably" unitary subject - it is not a library search).
Supplies - search report

- search review

- cited documents

The results of the search are provided as paper documents, or possibly transmitted by email, either securely or not, or on a computer information support using doc and/or pdf format.



    Standard patentability search :

  • 750 € exclusive VAT
  • from the third to the tenth search in the same month : 550 € exclusive VAT
  • from the eleventh search in the same month : 400 € exclusive VAT

    Additional search relating to a patent application having already been the subject of a search by a patent office : 1500 € exclusive VAT

    Searching documents belonging to the public domain: 2000 € exclusive VAT

    Expenses of "non-patent" databases access searched upon demand are invoiced over current rate at cost price.

Times Accepted order is normally completed within fifteen days.

    In urgency, basic rates increase as follows:

  • within 8 days: + 25%
  • within 48H: + 50%
  • within 24 H: + 100%
Garantees Exhaustiveness of search results cannot be guaranteed. However, more than ten years of experience showed that the level of quality reached was that of the EPO, even higher, thanks to the proximity of the client relationship allowing to target searches well.


To be observed
Other searches  than searches of anteriority in the field of patents can be carried out, in particular in the field of marks. Library searches in various scientific fields can also be carried out..
 To follow up
Pre-search reports for particular targeted EPO A2 applications, and additional searches on specific applications...


To take away
Example of a search review.

Example of a search report.



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