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AutonoMice ®: Multimedia cart

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A multimedia cart optimized for MultiMice ®

MultiMice is a patented concept implementing a set of 32 wireless mice connected by means of a reception and interface box to a single computer driving a video projector.

The mice communicate with the interface box by a RF link.

Specific software allows to select the working mouse.

This software is working with any application software; moreover it offers facilities to run MCQ, the results of which are known immediately.

A new concept for initiation and collective training to microcomputers.

                Contrary to teaching of other disciplines, data processing practices lend themselves currently rather badly to collective courses. Training is rather based on the organization of practical working sessions, during which the pupils, by small groups of two or three, are trained on a complete microcomputer.

To make it possible a great number of pupils to profit from an initiation, one thus needs large hardware means permanently installed in specialized classrooms having many power supply sockets.

With this wireless mouse system, teaching approach would be that of an interactive lecture.

 The multimedia cart AutonoMice ® makes the associated MultiMice ® system completely independent of the main AC power for up to two hours.

 A multimedia cart comprising optionally a mobile IWB

 To offer users the advantages of MultiMice ® and those of an interactive white board, a mobile IWB was included on the Autonomice ® cart.

The IQBoard LT from RecoveryStar can transform any vertical surface into an interactive board. The IWB is based on infrared technology, and uses a pen that emits an infrared beam when it is pressed on this surface. Monitoring of the resulting bright spot by an infrared camera makes it possible to determine the position of the pen on the surface.  








     The infrared camera is mounted on an articulated arm over the cart so that the pen is always in the field of vision of the camera.

Perfectly compatible with the MultiMice ® system, this IWB may replace the master mouse or presentation pointer. 

Powerfull and user- friendly associated software. 

          Specially designed for interactive teaching, IQBoard software can save anything on screen to various text, image or video formats. It is provided with many tools and functions, including:

- Writing and drawing tools

- Teaching tools

- Presenting tools

- Objects manipulating

- Import and export files

- Multimedia Playing

- Handwriting recognition (letters and figures

- Shape recognition

- Animation design

- Video conference 


A complete and mobile computer resource at an attractive price. 

The cart can be supplied fully equipped with the MultiMice ® system, the mobile, IWB, a notebook with a Wi-Fi adapter, a printer, speakers, and an inverter. 

 The above equipments can be sold separately, taking into account the following:
- MultiMice ® requires a system running Windows XP with at least CPU: 1.GHz; RAM: 2048 MB, HD: 30 MB free; graphics card: 1024x768, 256 colors, 1 free USB port
- IQBoard requires a system with Windows XP with RAM: 128 MB, HD: 1 GB free, 1 free USB port (unless coupled with MultiMice).


Description: cart with roller shutter provided for supporting a video projector and the MultiMice ® interface. Sliding shelves for a laptop and a printer. Storage box for the wireless mice. Power supply by a 3000 VA high capacity (36 Ah) 12V battery operated inverter. Case for cables.
Appearance: white melamine panels and varnished natural wood moldings
Dimensions: 113x54x54 cm (Exterior) 34x 50x50 cm (Printer location)
Weight: 30 kg (without inverter) 60 kg (with inverter)
AC power: 230 V 50 Hz

Availability: 6 weeks

Excludes freight

1/1/2011 rates which may vary according to the U.S. dollar



Hot Tip
Projects of vitual libraries, and introduction on the market of automatic book scanners.


 To follow up
Development of ICT in teaching.


To take away

For detailed information about the system, the PCT international patent application  WO2008059424.

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